Website for Selling, Buying Baby Gear (No Bidding!)

baby in crib

Photo by Kim.Stellman

I need to get rid of a wooden high chair, changing table, stroller, safety gates, bed rails ... I'm sure the list will go on once I finally get a chance to clean out the attic where I crammed all my outgrown baby stuff just to get it out of my sight.

I'm leery about Craigslist because I don't want creeps at my house, eBay just isn't for me, and I'm so not in the mood to put on a tag sale. Not keen on paying money for an ad in the paper, either. Come to think of it, all the above options could involve creeps.

I read about a new option for moms both looking to get rid of -- and get -- baby and children's stuff:


It doesn't cost anything to post a basic ad for stuff, and when you're buying there's no bidding -- you contact the seller and negotiate a price amongst yourselves.

I found three First Years Easy Wrap Swaddlers in excellent condition for $9; a Baby Trend double stroller frame for $40; and a Lights and Sound Monitor for $15.

Unfortunately there's a lot of people selling used car seats, so just make sure you skip over those, since there's no way to tell if a second hand seat from a stranger is still in good working order.


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