Changing Diapers: Are You Too Anal About It?

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The Stay at Home Moms (private group, requires joining) are talking about how great it is that so many husbands or significant others change the baby's diaper -- nearly half of them do it very often, if not more than Mom, according to a poll.

Now the question ... does hubby, or anyone else for that matter, diaper your baby as well as you do?

My husband and I were both quick learners in the art of diapering. We found out what happens when the nappy is too big or too loose (yuck-o) the very first day. Before we knew it, we were robots on an assembly line, performing the job as mechanically and habitually as brushing teeth or putting on the coffee. The exact same way every single time.

It's funny how everyone has their own technique when changing a diaper -- here was ours:

  • Unfasten the messy poopy or pee-pee diaper, swiping it down the crotch for any stragglers, and disposing of the toxic materials.
  • Baby wipe the area front to back, one wipe for pee, at least two or more for a BM.
  • Place fresh diaper, fanning the front to air dry the bottom, applying diaper ointment as necessary.
  • Bring the top edges high up to the waist and velcro the straps snugly, but not too tight, about a half inch from the top so there's overlap. Flip the overlaps down.
  • Tug a bit on the crotch to allow some air and space for the new accommodations to follow.
  • Run a finger along the elastic circling both legs to make sure the overlap is facing out and not crimping baby's skin. It really bothered my when the flaps were caught underneath.

No one could diaper my baby to my standard. My mom always left the waist way too loose so it gapped in front, and my mother-in-law velcroed the straps so the front and back edges were uneven -- high in the back and low in the front. That asymmetry really bothered me, too. Sure, call me anal ... but that is what we're talking about after all :)

Do you have a particularly diapering technique? Do others diaper your baby to your standard? What really bugs you?

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