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Both my kids recieved either an 8 or a 9 APGAR score immediately after birth. I'd have to look it up to be sure. All I cared about what that they were crying and moving and alive.

But your doctor will do a little test to make sure your baby is perfectly okay. This is called the Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration score, or APGAR.

The test, given immediately and five minutes after birth, was designed to quickly evaluate a newborn's physical condition after delivery and to determine if any extra medical or emergency care, such as CPR, is needed.

Click to see the APGAR in chart form or here's the rundown:


  • Infants get zero points per sign when any of the above mentioned ones (activity, pulse etc.) are absent.
  • They get 1 point per sign as long as the baby can demonstrate some of those cues.
  • They get 2 points per sign for normal activity. So lots of crying is very, very good.

Anything between 7-10 is considered normal, but anything lower doesn't necessarily mean that your baby is unhealthy, just that he needs a little extra help to get his functions going.

Do you remember your baby's APGAR score? Any issues?

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BambiF BambiF

They gave me 3 numbers '9, 10, 10'

I never asked what each number meant...I was just happy to have my baby

Pollymom Pollymom

I don't remember the scores for either of my kids. I just know they were perfectly healthy and normal and never left my hospital bed. 

toria... toriandgrace

Mine got 9s, despite the fact that she turned blue three times in the first 24 hours and has always had developmental delays...

tonya... tonyalynn

i dont remember their scores, but i believe they were normal

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