Baby of the Week: Aurora

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Photo by RanaAurora

A weekly post to help us get to know some of our CafeMom cuties ...

Who: Aurora Rose, 3.5 months old, daughter of RanaAurora

How long does she sleep at night?

She sleeps on me, pretty much 24/7. She wakes up between 7:30-9 a.m., when Big Brother Rowan is getting up. We walk him to school (she in the Moby wrap) at noon. By 12:45 when we get home, if she hasn't fallen asleep in the Moby, she's ready to nurse and pass out. We leave the house again at 2:50 to get her brother, so that's the end of nap time. Once Rowan is in bed at about 8-9, she plays and then nurses to sleep for the night on the couch until I take her to bed with me.


What makes her smile?

Her mommy, daddy and brother, of course. :) She is also a huge fan of her pink Carter's giraffe, a pink and green Lamaze musical bug, and the little bear and hearts on the awning of the bassinet we use as a changing table/play pen. Last but not least, the little ham shoots BIG grins whenever I pull out my camera. It's ridiculous.

What is her latest milestone?

Being able to intentionally touch and manipulate things. It makes it easier to get her brother ready in the morning, because she can now hit and spin toys on the exersaucer. More importantly, she can touch the cat, and our poor kitty is happy now, thinking Aurora is intentionally petting her.

What is her fussiest time of day?

Evening. She had a couple weeks where she'd cry for a few hours, starting at 9 p.m. almost on the dot. Now it's more the fact that we're trying to get dinner going so she gets set down and passed around, her brother's starting to get tired so he's getting grumpy and loud, and it's just a little more hectic in general. 

What will she do for a career?

I'll say ... animal whisperer (is that a career?)! She talks endlessly to her toy animals, and loves to "pet" (read: bat at) the cat.


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