New Mom Secrets: I Sometimes Use Breast Milk for Cooking


new mom secretsIt's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets—we won't tell.

This Week's Secret:

I sometimes use breast milk for food I make if I'm out of store-bought milk. — anonymous


Have you ever drank your own breast milk?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!


If you have a new mom secret you'd like to share anonymously, PM me.

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auror... aurorabunny

It'd be a million times healthier than cow milk, that's for sure.

rojo11 rojo11

That is really funny! I think my boyfriend would die if he heard this! lol He is such a baby when it comes to breast milk but as long as it works!

bluel... bluelady27

I've tasted mine.  hahaha  I want to find fun recipes for soap or lotion or things of that nature to use milk that is too old to feed my child.  That'd be neat.

nily nily

EWWW That's not honest LOL. For babies good is meant to be but for cooking ewwww. I saw the past article about breastmilk soap bar and that could be nice but to consume AGAIN EWWW.

Kryst... Krysta622

It's human milk people.  It's not like you're cooking with urine.

Cynthje Cynthje

in my opinion its to sweet to use for cooking! So cows milk (that is made for cows babies) is ok but breastmilk is gross? I will never understand that.

nmmama09 nmmama09

That is funny! Some people will drink milk that came from a cow's udder (and we haven't even met the cow!) and was intended for cow babies, but they won't drink milk that was meant for humans that comes from our own body? I've never drank my own milk either, something to think about.

mommy... mommytobobby

lol krysta

i've tasted mine. i haven't cooked anything for dh or me w/ it, but i use it to make my baby's cereal or put it in some of his food.

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