Infant Car Seat Carrying Tips


Those infant car seat carriers are a godsend in so many ways. Can you imagine having to wake and unstrap your sleeping baby every time you to run into the grocery store for a gallon of milk, wisk your older child into day care, or all those other little in-and-outs we do all day?

Even though the experts say you shouldn't let a baby sleep in the carseat when not in the car, they still will a good portion of the time.

The last thing you need is a sore back, so here are some do's and don'ts from to help you carry your infant's seat the right way:


When carrying the seat short distances, support it on your bent elbow (using biceps) and keep it close to your center of gravity, OR


Use both hands to carry the seat at waist height, maintaining your wrists in a neutral (straight) position OR

Carry the empty seat in one hand, and your child in the other for a more even weight distribution.


Avoid carrying an infant car seat with your arm extended straight on one side of your body.

Avoid carrying your infant in his car seat for long distances.

Avoid carrying your infant in his car seat when another option (backpack or sling) is available.

How do you carry your infant car seat around? Is it giving you pains in your back and shoulders?


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