"I Wish the Baby Were Dead"

dog in boxing glovesOlder siblings tend to show their "feelings" for the new baby differently.

I had a very unique way of expressing myself when my brother, five years younger, was born. I grabbed the hardest object I could find, which just so happened to be the detached metal scope from my father's hunting rifle, lying innocently in the junk drawer, go figure.

Then I proceeded into the room where the baby was sleeping in a pack 'n' play and bonked him on the head with it. Apparently not very hard because he was fine, and not even a fraction as hard as the wooden spoon that batted my hide when my mom discovered what I had done.


I still remember the scope incident clearly because it horrifies me just as much as it does you. How I didn't turn into a homicidal maniac I don't know. (Don't feel too sorry for my brother. Once he hit tween he surpassed me in weight and choke-hold ability and there was payback.)

Sibling jealousy of a new baby is something you can never predict. Most moms in a recent discussion the CafeMom Newcomer's Club said it's important to prepare siblings for the new arrival by involving them in decorating the nursery and other prep as much as possible. Then, when the new baby comes, to make sure to squeeze in a lot of one-on-one time together. Get them to help bathe, feed, and care for the baby so they feel a part of it all.

Other moms have their own horrific examples of sibling rivalry, though I'm convinced mine still tops them all.

amanda357's 5 year old daughter said, "I wish the baby were dead." Yikes.

Another mom in the thread said her child wanted his mom to "Leave the baby at the mall."

Yet another recalled the story of a friend, who had just had a new baby; her little boy screamed: "I'm sick of you (pointing to mom), sick of you (dad), and I want her (the new baby) out of here by tomorrow!"

How has your older child reacted to your new baby?


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