Scary Stroller Incidents

CafeMoms have been buzzing about the 6 month old baby who miraculously survived being hit by a train after his stroller rolled off the platform in Melbourne, Australia. OMG what a nightmare. You can see a video of the baby stroller falling onto the train tracks on CNN.

It practically gave me a heart attack watching the mom's reaction. She watched as the stroller slide off the platform into the tracks, saw the train cover the carriage. I knew the baby was okay before I watched it, or I never would have. It seems as though the train rolled right over the stroller, which was in the center of the tracks, leaving the infant shaken but practically unharmed except for a bump on his head.

You can call her a horrible mom, but I'll bet she's just a typical overwhelmed distracted mom. Like me. Careless accidents happen to the best people, that's why they are called accidents.


Luckily, most of those accidents are everyday mishaps. One time I was walking back from the grocery story with the bags strapped to the handles of my stroller. When I stopped to do something and let go of the handles, the thing was so back heavy it flipped back on itself. My son wasn't strapped in that tightly and he kind of slid back and bumped his head. Physically he was fine, though you wouldn't have guessed it because he was screaming bloody murder.

Okay, so I seriously hope I don't hear any stories of the magnitude of the train incident, but what are some of your recent stroller mishaps? Let's share not to show what terrible moms we are but to remind ourselves that this stuff happens, and that we'll be more careful next time ...

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