Happy Ending for Fat Baby

antique baby scaleThis baby story ends happily ... but it started out with CafeMoms using terms like "Absolutely ridiculous!" "What is this world coming to?" and "That is absurd!"

What happened the other day was a 4 month old baby was denied health insurance for being "too fat."

Oh, there's no question the boy is big. He's 17 pounds, putting him in the 99th percentile for weight. But, it's still not that big. When Alex's family applied to the Rocky Mountain Health Plan for insurance coverage, they denied the child based on a policy that they reject anyone who is over the 95th percentile.

We're talking a healthy, breastfed baby here! Click for a photo of Alex Lange.


Following a backlash, the company realized its mistake and covered the lad, so all is fine and dandy. Does seem like a legit mistake. How many applications for 17 pound newborns come across your desk every day?

Okay, so now I'm not thinking so much about the denial as I am over Alex's mom's poor back. Four month olds still need lots of holding. My back killed me those first few months, and my son was normal weight and my daughter was a peanut.

I wonder if it's hard to set him down in the crib without waking him up?

Boy, that infant car seat carrier must be a real pain to lug around.

Then again, there's so much more of him to love. There's nothing like feeling of enveloping a robust, chunky baby in your arms and smothering him with hugs and kisses!

How big was your baby at four months? Did he follow the growth charts for weight?


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