New Mom Secrets: My Baby Annoys Me


It's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets—we won't tell.

This Week's Secret:

I love my son more than anything but sometimes I just don't want to be bothered with him so I stick him in his swing. He's just an itty baby but he annoys me a lot. — anonymous


Do you ever feel annoyed by your baby?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!

If you have a new mom secret you'd like to share anonymously, PM me.

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lvaug... lvaughn26

My daughter is 18 mos old and she can be very trying. She is soooooo active, and sometimes I just want to sit and relax. I will say that she always makes me laugh at exactly the right moment.

lovin... lovingmy4babies

This makes me sad! I was never annoyed by my itty bitty babies. I feel really bad for this little boy. Poor thing :(

mandi... mandie_jean

i dont like leaving my baby in his swing or too much by himself because hes only a baby and he must get bored and sad because of sitting by himself that long he needs interraction otherwise they can have learning problems

Bearsjen Bearsjen

so much for not judging this mom lol...anyways anyone who says they have never been annoyed by their baby is full of it. you mean you didnt even feel a hint of annoyance at 4 am when baby wanted to get up for the 3, 4, 5th time after you worked all day? or how about when your baby pulled your hair so hard your eyes watered? or that time he grabbed your necklace from your departed gramma and it broke all over? these things happen, its life! and while our babies are our pride and joy, its human to be annoyed by things that are annoying. and hey my son has spent some time in his swing watching baby einstein-so what? he is fed dry safe and I play with him all the that swing gives us both a break. he may be little but I am certain there are times he is sick of mommy too and i dare anyone to tell me I am a bad mom as being a mother is MY LIFE. OP with the secret-life happens and as long as baby is safe and happy in the swing, hey take a break (wink).

Bearsjen Bearsjen

and btw, she didnt say she left her child in a swing for hours while he cried and suffered...geesh.I am so surprised cm doesnt step into this forum more when people get judgemental...sad as we are supposed to be supporting each other, not ripping each other to shreds. if I wanted that I would hang out with

lacey... laceyb829

i understand being a new mommy can be frustrating. i have one child and hes 14 months and there were times where i just wanted to get up and leave or lock mself in a room, i loved getting a shower because that was my only time without the baby. it gets better as he gets older and youll realize that precious little boy may have annoyed you but hes the best thing that will ever happen to you.

amber... amberwriteslove

i have a 2 week old and he's my first. his daddy just left for 16 weeks training for the army. it does get a bit overwhelming having to do it all on my own. and since his daddy held him so much for the first week (because he wanted to bond before he left) now he won't sleep unless i hold him. it's a bit annoying, but i don't mind. he's only a baby after all, and things have to get better.

Mommy... Mommy2Mal

I think at some point every new mom has that "OMG will you just leave me alone!" moment, and there's NOTHING wrong with it. No one else in the world is expected to be touched 24/7 for the about 3 years straight, give up their privacy completely, and never feel well rested. Seriously, even basic military training is easier than the first 12 weeks with a baby (I know from experience). Sometimes you have to put the baby down and walk away to be a good mom!

kitte... kittenripmaygo

I only get annoyed when my son keeps crying and I can't calm him down [yes I checked his diaper, made sure he was hungry and such] but I get pissed that as soon as my father offered to hold him... MY SON SHUTS RIGHT UP! ugh...... I'm doing something wrong I know it

Moon_... Moon_Rising

I feel  and had felt annoyed at times. But it gets worse when they get older. Specally toddler years.

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