Make Your Nursery Eco-Friendly, Decorating Before or After Baby is Born? Links I Love


Photo by Nicole080984

There's been lots of nursery talk on Daily Buzz lately.

Our Pregnancy Calendar mom, wntg1grl, has just started putting together her nursery and Cafe MicheleZ is trying to figure out if she should have her nursery ready before or after her twins are born.

Here are some links I love to help you decorate your nursery, regardless of when you do it:


Dimples and Dandelions has super cute nursery decor. — Celeb Baby

Tons of different options for lighting in baby's room. — Lil Sugar

3 common mistakes people make when decorating the nursery. — Babble

Should you decorate the nursery before or after the baby is born? — Parent Dish

3 tips to green your nursery. — Yahoo! Shine

Did you decorate the nursery before or after the baby was born? How is your nursery decorated?

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