Milking Breastfeeding as Much as You Can

day in courtTwelve states have laws on the books that exempt breastfeeding moms from jury duty -- and most recently, Florida legislators have proposed a similar bill.

The legislators acted after a breastfeeding mom complained that she couldn't get out of serving on a jury, but was then berated by her fellow jurors when she brought her baby with her to trial.

The law would exempt moms who are nursing kids up to the age of two.


I don't know about you, but all my friends do their darndest to get rejected because it interferes too much with work or life. I wonder if many women of younger kids who aren't breastfeeding will say they are just to get out of serving.

On face value the law seems to make sense, but what do you think about it? And should lawmakers impose an age limit, since many moms continue to breastfeed past the child's second birthday?


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