Save Time at the Pediatrician's Office

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You may have discovered that you spend a lot of time in the pediatrician's office. Or maybe I'm just making an assumption about you because when my kids were infants I was there ALL THE TIME.

It was the worst. My son seemed to get sick every other week those first few months. As a new mom, I always played it safe and took him in. You never really know how sick a baby is, because even a little discomfort makes them wail.

My pediatrician wasn't far, but there was always traffic. Add an extra 20 minutes to the 40 minute round trip. That wasn't nearly as bad as the waiting once I lugged the infant carrier up two flights of stairs to the office. If I got in and out in an hour and a half, that was a good day. One time I was there for three! My doctor was consistently backed up, one of the reasons I eventually switched practices.


This seems to be the norm with baby doctors, I read in the Advice for Moms discussion on waiting for pediatrician visits.

alliesmom112 is the exception. Her visits usually go pretty quickly. So many things are out of our and the doctor's control when dealing with little kids, but here's one of the ways alliesmom112 had learned to deal:

"I usually try to schedule our well baby or non-sick appointments for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday first thing in the morning so that we are the first patient. It cuts down on our waiting time a lot. I have learned that Mondays and Fridays are always busier and waiting is longer -- Monday because of kids who got sick over the weekend, and Fridays because of parents wanting to take of things before the weekend."

Do you ever complain to the receptionist or nurse that you've been waiting too long for your baby's visit? Does it get into the exam room any faster?


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