More Baby Essentials Moms Can't Live Without

baby sucking pacifier

Photo by geminisummerz

Baby mamas in Advice for Moms share the one infant essential they could not live without ( hurry, first-time pregnant ladies, and add these to your registries quick!):

-- Portable changing bag and scented poop bags

-- Moby Wrap

-- A swing

-- Vibrating bouncer seat

-- The Boppy

-- Nuk

-- Diaper rash ointment


-- Teething rings

-- ErgoBaby Carrier

-- Receiving blankets

-- Ocean Wonders Aquarium (sounds for the crib)

-- Jumparoo

-- A support system

-- Lots of burb cloths

-- My hair dryer (the sound soothed my colicky daughter)


What is your most essential baby essential?


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