More Baby Essentials Moms Can't Live Without

Cynthia Dermody
baby sucking pacifier

Photo by geminisummerz

Baby mamas in Advice for Moms share the one infant essential they could not live without ( hurry, first-time pregnant ladies, and add these to your registries quick!):

-- Portable changing bag and scented poop bags

-- Moby Wrap

-- A swing

-- Vibrating bouncer seat

-- The Boppy

-- Nuk

-- Diaper rash ointment

-- Teething rings

-- ErgoBaby Carrier

-- Receiving blankets

-- Ocean Wonders Aquarium (sounds for the crib)

-- Jumparoo

-- A support system

-- Lots of burb cloths

-- My hair dryer (the sound soothed my colicky daughter)


What is your most essential baby essential?


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