How Soon Did You Exercise After Giving Birth?

photo by runnermom034

Paula Radcliffe, Baby Mama to a 22-month-old, won the New York City marathon today for the third time. I've been obsessed with her since she won it last year. I was 8 months pregnant and not running or doing much of anything, when I heard the background story to her win. Paula trained for the marathon throughout her pregnancy. She ran the day before she gave birth—and the day after. Then she managed to run every day after that with a newborn, and won the New York Marathon nine months later. That's pretty impressive. I didn't have the energy never mind the time to run or do any sort of exercise until about 4 months after my baby was born.

Today, Paula crossed the finished line and, just as she did last year, scooped her daughter Isla up in her arms before waving to the crowd. What a thrill! Congratulations Paula!

Did you exercise while you were pregnant? How soon after you had your baby did you pick it up again?


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