Failing to Bond, Mom Gives Adopted Baby Back

This week the Today show interviewed a woman who adopted a child and then gave him up 18 months later. Her reason? She couldn't bond with him.


Anita Tedaldi and her husband adopted Baby D, who was found by the side of the road. They already had five biological children but wanted more. After 18 months, however, Anita ended up giving up the baby because she, in her words, "wasn't connecting with [the baby] on the visceral level I experienced with my biological daughters."

Anita even goes as far as to blame the baby, saying that, "It went both ways...the child, D., wasn't connecting with us."

Parent Dish is critical of the situation—wondering if Anita is being truly honest of all that went on. Specifically, the article questions if Anita's wanting "to duplicate her parenting experience with her older kids frame-for-frame" is the real source of the problem.

But some readers had a different reaction, saying that we shouldn't rush to judge and that Anita was just doing what was best for the baby.

What do you think? Do you think giving the baby back was the right thing to do in this situation?

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