Stinky Breath: Baby Basics

cat with mouth open

For something so cute and cuddly, baby, does your breath ever stink!

Mine were reflux babies and had especially toxic fumes. The doctor told me to buy one of those little rubber thimble things to clean my babies' mouths after feedings, not only to reduce the odors but to get in good practice for when the teeth come in. The habit also may help to reduce thrush, a yeast infection of the mouth.

All I remember is vice grip jaws and sore fingers. So new moms might want to start this helpful habit earlier rather than later. That way, your baby gets used to it and won't resist when he's older and can do more damage.

You can get the rubber do-dad or use a clean washcloth, piece of cotton or gauze like some moms here do. WebMD says to:


Gently, but firmly, rub the cloth or cotton along both the upper and lower gums at least two times a day -- after breakfast and after the last feeding of the day. It's better if you can do it after every feeding.

Do you feel cleaning your baby's mouth regularly is important, or with everything else you have going on do you just skip it?


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