Onesie With Built-In Bib: Get It or Forget It?

myBibzy onesie and built-in bib

myBibzy; $23

If Jana and Chris had invented the myBibzy when my little water hoses were infants, I would own stock in this company by now. But their little girl hadn't been born yet, and they didn't know the first thing about drool.

Now these two entrepreneurs are experts in baby saliva, and they think this idea will make moms' lives easier.

But maybe you think the idea of a onesie with a built-in bib is a little ... weird? Unnecessary?

Tell me below, but let me give you the details about the product first:


It's a 100 percent cotton onesie with a sewn-in lined terrycloth bib. It helps keep your little saliva factory dry and cuts down on the amount of laundry you have to do. The liner is completely child safe -- no PVCs or phlalates.

It comes in lots of great bib/shirt color combos, including pink and green and brown and black.

It's expensive -- $23 for a short sleeve and $25 for a long sleeve. Sheesh, I just bought a six pack of onesies at Target over the weekend for $9. But then again, all unique products usually carry a bigger price tag.

Is it worth the price -- would you buy this for your baby? Or maybe you've even tried to make your own version ...



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Is your baby a small, medium or super-size drooler? How many onesies do you go through each day?


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