6 Ideas for Using Up Leftover Baby Cereal

baby eating cereal

Photo by hilderbrand3

Over in Cooking for Toddlers, moms are talking about what to do with leftover baby cereal.

Seriously, what do you do with the box of cereal once your baby says no more or moves on to other foods?


Well, of course, you moms are smarter than me about such things. While I would probably let the cereal go bad on the shelf, you have some better ideas.

Here are a few ideas for using up leftover baby cereal:

  1. Make baby teething biscuits
  2. Make baby cereal cookies
  3. Use baby cereal to thicken sauces, such as spaghetti sauce
  4. Add baby cereal to pancake mixes to get it used up 
  5. Use baby cereal in meatloaf/meatballs instead of breadcrumbs
  6. Give the box to a mom friend with a baby to save her a little dough

Wow! Great ideas.

What creative recipes have you whipped up using leftover baby cereal? Other ideas?


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