Andrew Weil's Cool Baby Bottles


Natural and wholistic medicine guru Andrew Weil has a sleek new line of baby bottles out that look so good they will make you want to give up breastfeeding ... KIDDING! Just kidding. Kidding, kidding, kidding.

But here they are at left ... see what I mean by sleek? These look like they were designed by a famous architect, or like they should be on display in a contemporary art gallery, no?


The plastic ones are BPA free, of course, and you can also get them in glass, though talk about pricey -- $10 a bottle. The bottles are made with a proprietary AirWave venting system that's supposed to prevent colic.

They also have cool-looking training cups. I know you're probably not ready for those, yet, but I just had to show you a picture. Green and blue. What a terrific combo.

Okay, so it's been a few years since my kids used bottles, but I'm pretty certain I didn't pay upward of $10 for one bottle, certainly not a sippy cup. I would have loved to have gotten these as a gift, for sure, but I wouldn't have been able to justify the expense from my own pocket.

I also didn't have a lot of luck with those anti-colic systems that some bottles claim to have. My babies were just as fussy and gripey.

Do those "designer" bottles like Avent, Dr. Brown's, and now Dr. Weil, with those special anti-colic technologies, make any difference in your child whatsoever?

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