Postpartum Hair Loss -- Drink Milk?


During my first pregnancy, my hair was very long with no bangs. It was extra thick and gorgeous from all those wonderful hormones disrupting the normal growth cycle of hair. When you are pregnant, more of your hair goes into a "resting phase," which means it doesn't fall out on schedule. It stays put longer ... until you have the baby.

Then it's time to play catch up. All that hair that stuck around falls out, and you feel like you're going bald.

Except for the clumps of hair in the shower drain and the smattering on my pillow each morning, I didn't notice my postpartum hair loss until it started to grow back. About a year after having the baby, I noticed little sideburns and feathery fringe bangs from where the hair had fallen out and was now growing back.

Some moms have it much worse -- some see a thinning along their part. Others have bald spots and have had to buy wigs for their hair loss.


Some CafeMoms swear by milk to help slow postpartum hair loss. Others recommend lots of green leafy vegetables. The writers of American Baby say the best way to deal with this temporary phase is to just change up your style. Here are their suggestions:

1. Get a new cut. If you previously had long hair, or a layered cut with pieces that came down to the chin in the front, you may need to shorten that hair into long bangs that frame the face. It's a good idea to go shorter in the front. Sexy, short-in-the-middle, longer-at-the-sides Brigitte Bardot bangs would look great. Layering your hair all over will also give you more fullness.

2. Keep hair moussed and moist. Using the right products can give the illusion of fullness. Look for a volumizing mousse at the drugstore or salon. Also, always use a conditioner or a leave-in hair moisturizer after shampooing.

3. Try color. Coloring your hair is always a great way to give it body. If you feel that your hairline is receding and you have dark hair, highlighting the front can act as a camouflage. Or try glossing, a treatment that gives hair all-over shine.

4. Change the part. If you normally part your hair in the middle, a side part can disguise thinning hair at the temples.

5. Add texture. Sleek, straight hairstyles make thinning hair more obvious. If you usually blow out your curly or wavy hair, now may be the time to go with your natural curl. If you have straight hair, try using Velcro rollers or a curling iron to give your locks some oomph.

6. Wear hair ornaments. Headbands, scarves, and bandannas are fun and stylish ways to disguise hair loss. They're especially popular with new moms who have little time to devote to hair care.


Did you get a new hair style to deal with postpartum hair loss? How bad did it get for you?

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