Postpartum Depression: Why Doesn't Anyone Talk About It?

postpartum depression angie harmon

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I don't know anyone who has suffered postpartum depression. At least no one has told me they did. Yet, about 1 in 10 women who give birth suffer from it so it seems like I should know someone. Celebrities like Brooke Shields and Angie Harmon have talked publicly about it. Harmon recently told lilsugar that she experienced depression following the births of all three of her daughters, but that none of her friends ever talked about it with her until she brought it up.


Fortunately, researchers in Spain say they have come up with a way of detecting whether a new mom will suffer from postpartum depression. They can predict it just a few weeks after she gives birth, which is important because early diagnosis and early intervention can help prevent these moms from developing it. The researchers detected two things that reduced the risk of postpartum depression: older age and working during pregnancy.

Did you suffer from postpartum depression? Did you work while you were pregnant? Do you know anyone who has? Do you talk about it with other new moms? Why or why not?

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