Enduring Baby's First Cold, Drug-Free Cold Cures: Links I Love


Photo by RanaAurora

The seasons are changing, and that usually means the colds and illnesses aren't far ahead.

Here are some links I love to help you and your baby battle the upcoming cold/flu season:


5 tips for enduring baby's first cold. — Lil Sugar

9 surprising germ havens. — Woman's Day

If you're planning on getting your child vaccinated for the flu or H1N1 virus, a new study shows children 6 months to 9 years old will need to two doses of each vaccine, four in all, to protect them against swine and seasonal flu. — USA Today

4 drug-free cold cures for baby. — Parenting

5 baby- (and mom-) approved thermometers. — Babble

What do you do to prepare you and your baby for the cold/flu season?

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