Too Short to Lay Sleeping Baby Down in Crib?

baby, crib, too short to reach

Photo from Punkylu78

I'm almost 5'1". Short, in other words.

And when I had babies, I had a similar problem as CafeMom mommyajay, who can't reach over the crib's side railing to lay her baby down in the crib now that the mattress is in the lowest position.


Now, mommyajay has a convertible crib bed, on which the side railing doesn't drop down. Our crib had a drop-down side, but I could never drop it down without waking the baby. Or the times I did remember to drop it down when baby last woke, I woke the baby raising it up (the sucker wasn't real easy to raise or lower; it took a knee and some force).

*sigh* Now what?

I wanted to bring up this little issue here on Baby Buzz because I'm sure some of you have had this problem. Maybe some of you even found a great solution. I think I did a lot of gentle baby dropping. This only worked though because my boys liked sleeping for the most part. This is a nightmare if your baby wakes easily or is impossible to get to sleep in the first place.

Some suggestions from other CafeMoms so far were:

  • Use a small, sturdy stool that slides under the crib
  • If you're in the market for a crib, buy one with a easy-to-slide drop side or a Babee Tenda converting crib, which has a side door that opens so you can put baby down easily

Do you have a hard time reaching down to lay your baby in his/her crib? What do you do about it?

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