Make Your Own Baby Wipes

Kim Conte

I noticed RanaAurora talking about homemade baby wipes in another thread. So I asked her, first, why she makes her own, and second, how to do it.

Here's what she told me...


Here's why:

My daughter is 2-months old, and the poor girl hasn't NOT had some level of diaper rash since she was born. Nothing helps—no commercial products anyway. With all the chemicals in baby wipes (and disposable diapers), it's really not surprising either.  We're buying healthy, safe shampoos, soaps, household cleaners, and food, so it's only logical to make the thing that touches my daughter's soft baby skin 10 or more times a day as safe as possible for her as well—and of course, helping her sensitive skin heal is incredibly important.

We've also spent over $250 on diapers and wipes, and she's not even three months old. It's kind of ridiculous. So even from a purely financial aspect, switching to cloth diapers and wipes just makes more sense. I'll spend about $250-300 to start...but instead of that lasting me a couple months, it should last at least a YEAR. Yes, I'll have to buy some of the wipes supplies more than once, but not nearly as often as buying a new package of disposable wipes.

So in short, the "why" is because commercial wipes are full of chemicals that I don't want in my house, much less on my newborn's skin; because this will be cheaper; because my daughter has sensitive skin and needs something ACTUALLY soothing, not just labeled "sensitive"; because it's better for the environment.

Here's how:

I plan on making a big batch of Organic Solution for Washable Baby Wipes (click the link for the recipe) and refrigerate, then pour over my cloth wipes (baby washcloths) in a wipes warmer. I won't use apple cider vinegar, though, since tea tree oil is an antiseptic all on its own. The lavender oil also smells good. If I don't feel like using lavender oil, I'll use some of my kid's Burts Bees Baby Soap or California Baby soap in it.

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing, RanaAurora!

Do you make your own baby wipes?


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