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Cafe Suzanne shared a great idea recently on how to save money on baby clothes -- Snap N Grow Garment Extenders. They snap onto the bottom of onsies, shirts and any top that fastens at the bottom to give a little extra "crotch" room. Brilliant.

In general, baby clothes are not something many moms want to spend tons of money on because before you know it, they've already grown out of it. My personal tip is to extend the invitation for as many hand-me-downs as possible. Sometimes people won't want to impose the offer unless you bring it up first. My neighbor's daughter is a year older than mine, and I don't think I've spent a penny on her clothes in four years.

Shopping the clearance racks at Target, Walmart, Kmart, and other big stores is another popular way to save big on baby attire, but here are some others:

Thrift stores "I love thrift stores," says mama516. "My five month old son is already in 12 month old clothes, so we were going through stuff way too fast to be spending store prices. And most of the stuff we find is Baby Gap. They are especially great for fancy occasion wear because the previous owner probably only got two wears out of it before they outgrew it, too."

Online "Check out Craigslist," suggests one mom. "People sell all kinds of nice used baby items for good prices there. You can buy baby clothes in lots on Ebay for good prices."

Garage sales "You could be like me and become a garage sale addict!" another mom says. "Always offer to pay less than what is marked, unless it's a steal anyway. Look in the newspaper or online to find neighborhood garage sales and then just load the kids up in a stroller or wagon, give them each a dollar if they are old enough. You won't believe what they will buy!"

How do you save money on baby clothes?


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sunmo... sunmoonstars

Definately garage sales, but usually I wait until they hit the one year mark.  I find alot of the smaller stuff is stained or otherwise heavily used so I don't buy it.  I look for garage sales in the "richer" areas of town because they seem to have nicer clothes and are better taken care of (in general).

I also make some of my own.  Summer dresses that pull over (no zippers or snaps required) are super easy to make!


littl... littleredpony

I only have one problem with handme downs. After having 3 boys I now have a little girl, but I am a tomboy and I hate pink.  Over 90% of the clothes that she has een given are pink!! I open her closet and it's a sea of pink!!!  To help tone it down without spending much money I have added a couple pairs of demin pants along with brown and blue.

Thrift stores are great and not just for your little ones. I have gotten my 14 yo hooked on them too! He still wants most of his shirts to be the big names but most of his jeans come from the thrift stores.  I also find it best to hit the ones in "better" areas, but you have to go often to get the best stuff at any of them.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I love hand me downs, grew up on them and loved them and will def. be doing the same. Funnily enough we have hardley had to buy a stitch of clothing for our firstborn...his grandparents have prectically bought every outfit he has ever worn and he is TWO now!

When he gets older we will def. be hitting the thrift stores....great variety and a price thats hard to beat.

Nesa_Z Nesa_Z

We have this HUGE consignment sale that comes around twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. It's a sea of clothes and they are very particular on what they take in so rarely do I see stains or tears or anything on the clothes. They are very well priced and the last two days of the sale everything is 50% off!

nily nily

We have establish way to save money on baby clothes and items in our family usually we save all and pass from one brother to the other and when you are finish having kids you give all the stuff to the next in the family that is preggo or TTC. We make the commitment of maintaining everything neat so others in our family can use it. No matter if you buy it or not we share with no problem. I do save the important pieces for my memory box and the rest is for my next kids and for the kids in our family. I buy at Walmart because they have cheap clothes and good brands like Carters, Granimals and others. I also check for the clearance sales to shop. Black Fridays are good to shop too.

toria... toriandgrace

The real trick to saving money on clothing is to shop off season. If you have a six month old now, but 18 month summer clothes now when they are 1 and 2 dollars. In the spring, I went to Children's Place and spent $75 and bought an entire wardrobe for my three year old, sweaters, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, jeans, PJs, etc. Everything was $2-$5. We also do a weekly run to Goodwill with some friends. I found brand new (with tags) Gap jeans the other day for $3.

athenax3 athenax3

I'm definitely a thrift store shopper- or consignment (although consignment stores here can often seem high in price and I have yet to figure out why)- but I also shop ahead or behind the seasons- storing clothes in bins with age and size labels to be pulled out when needed. And we swap with other families with children, which is a fun way to change up a wardrobe.

Clearance racks at dept. stores are fun too. I'm not much for walmart, I just don't care for the quality of clothing.

athom... athomeamerica

I belong to a great site that you can sell or swap your old baby/kid items, mommy items, even coupons.

It is Free to Join and Free to Post. Stop by and check it out.

This is a great site for you to swap your old items and even coupons. Absolutely free to join and post.


Yael123 Yael123

i have 6 kids, my youngest is 20 months old and i am proud to say that i have only ever bougth her two tee shirts and a couple pairs of socks. my dad says she is the best dressed kid ever to walk out our front door!! how did we do this? we received a fair amount of baby gifts and she is wearing had me downs form her older sistwer and from a good friend - long may it last!!!!

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