Baby Leg Warmers: Another Reason to Love Fall

baby leg warmersleg warmers, baby

Baby, there's a chill in the air. Indeed, it's becoming fall, and we are moving away from the heat of summer. So baby, let's celebrate by busting out the baby leg warmers. Good with a onesie (makes diaper changes a breeze) or under baby skirts too.


Shown above, Shimmering Pink & Purple Layla Legs from the Etsy shop OutOfTheBoxx (CafeMom kitty410) and Pink Baby Girl Leg Warmers from the Etsy shop Ohio Crochet Lady (CafeMom ohiocrochetlady).

Don't these little warmers warm your heart? They make me grin from ear to ear, that's for sure. So tiny and cute!

And remember, when you buy handmade, you're supporting a small business. And when you buy from a one of these Etsy shops, you're supporting a CafeMom.


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