Born on September 11: A Birth Day to Remember

born on september 11The date September 11 is entrenched in our minds because of the horrific events that occurred in New York City on that day eight years ago. I lived in downtown Manhattan at the time so when I hear "September 11" it's hard for me to think of anything else. But for some people, that day was filled with joy. September 11 is the day their baby was born—whether in 2001 or some other year. How do those kids—and those parents—deal with the fact that their child was born on such an otherwise unhappy day? How do they celebrate every year?


Gabrielle Welch, one of four people ParentDish profiles in Born on September 11: A Birthday Forever Changed, doesn't want to celebrate her 12th birthday with cake. She told her parents that she never wants cake again and that she'd prefer to quietly honor the 2,975 people who lost their lives eight years ago.

And 16-year-old Benjamin Hesse's family tells people that Benjamin was born on "the 11th of September," so they can change the conversation before hearing the inevitable, "Oh, that's terrible."

To hear more of their stories as well as the stories of Hillary O'Neill (who turns 8 today) and Joshua (who will be four), click here.

Do you have a child who was born on September 11? Or is it your birthday? How do you usually celebrate?

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