Does Motherhood Drive You to Drink, Cocktail Moms: Links I Love

moms who drinkBabies and booze...not the typical combo, but sometimes, mama needs a cocktail!

Moms who drink, aka "Cocktail Moms," are becoming more mainstream. Personally, I see nothing wrong with having a relaxing glass of wine after you put the baby down to sleep, but there are definitely mixed opinions when it comes to kids and alcohol-related subjects:


Should cocktail moms get sober? — Parent Dish

Does motherhood drive you to drink? Lil Sugar

Photos of babies holding an unopened beer bottle? Funny or tacky? — Lil Sugar

How about kids who wear apparel promoting alcohol? — Parent Dish

Warning signs of moms who drink too much. — Momversation

If you are a cocktail mom and have a night off from taking care of the baby, just be aware that heavy drinking adds inches to your waistline. — That's Fit

Are you a cocktail mom? How much do you drink now that you've had a baby?

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