Diaper Changing: When and Where Is It Okay?


Recently, over in the Stay At Home Moms group, the CafeMoms started a discussion on public diaper changes.

When are they okay, when are they not okay, and how should parents go about making the change in public?


Motherhood forces us to deal with many things we'd love to keep in private but can't — because we're dealing with babies or children.

I was just thinking about this the other day while my oldest son stood over a trash can in the middle of a family-packed park because he felt like he was going to throw up. Sure, I'd have given anything to have time to duck out of sight behind a bush; however, experience has taught me not to make a run for it when vomit is involved. Just get immediately to the nearest receptacle.

And, of course, with babies, bad diapers happen. Blow outs happen. And save us all from what always seems to occur in a swim diaper. Diaper fiascoes always strike when you least want them to happen — when you're far from the car or a restroom, when you're surrounded by other people.

But you can't leave your baby in an awful diaper just because it's not convenient, right? However, you can have some sort of discretion when forced to make a public diaper change. And please please please, don't leave your dirty diaper in the middle of a parking lot (why do people do that?).

So when is it okay to change a diaper in a public place? What are your rules? Or is it ever okay?

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