Babies and Booze: What a Picture!

baby beer pictures

Baby's New Bottle?

I have a series of photos of me as a baby that were taken by a professional photographer when I was about four months old. I'm propped up against some pillows and I have roll upon roll of yummy baby fat everywhere—my chin, my neck, my arms. Oh, and I'm holding a very fancy German beer stein. Huh?


It's a pretty, handcrafted, antique porcelain beer stein with a relief design on it—and it didn't contain any beer or other alcohol. But still, it's kind of weird for a formal photo.

I asked my mother why they would take a picture of a baby with a beer stein. She said someone had just given it to them as a souvenir and the photographer was looking around the house for props. He chose the beer stein to show how small I was next to it.

Lilsugar wants to know if you've ever taken a photo of your baby posing with booze—"holding" a beer or "sipping" from a glass of wine. Some parents (even those who don't condone drinking) think it's harmless; others are turned off by it.

What's your opinion of photos of babies posing with alcohol? Do you think it's funny or offensive?

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