Oh, the Places You'll Pump!

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If you're a pumping mom, you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes, if you want to get out and have some "me" time or, eh em, go to work, you have to pump.

When I was breastfeeding, I had to pump in bathrooms (awful!), offices (my boss's!), and storage closets (yes, that was our lactation room at work). The worst pumping experience was when I tried to do an overnight with my friend who lives more than an hour away and my pump broke. Boy, was that a long drive home.


Probably the oddest place I pumped (but not really that odd) was in the car on the way to and from a friend's out-of-town wedding (hubs was driving!). Not that other people on the highway could see what was up, but it was surreal going 70 mph and rockin' out to the "whish-whish, whish-whish" of the breast pump. Surely, the dudes driving next to us thought we had on some seriously good head-bangin' tunes.

What about you? Where's the strangest place you've pumped?

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