Science Makes a Monkey Baby From Two Mothers

egg, sperm, science, genetic researchDon't get too worked up just yet. There is still a father involved. But two mothers too!

Yep, per the Washington Post, science has done it again and this time producing four healthy monkey babies, each with the genetic materials of two monkey mothers.

The scientific technique used to combine the genes of two female monkeys and then fertilize the eggs with sperm, is indeed cloning related, which can stir up the usual debates. However, there is also much hope to come out of this new research.

For instance, this could eliminate female-specific genetic disorders or defects passed from mothers to their children through families. Eliminate! It's just a matter of swapping out the affected DNA and replacing it with healthy DNA from another female. However, will the world be able to handle the ethical, legal, or social conflicts that may arise? When in doing the research, scientists create human embryos that may end up with defects? Or ultimately, when you end up with a child who has three genetic parents? This might also mean, down the line, that lesbian couples could have a child that is biologically from both women. There are several scenarios that may rattle some cages.

Scientists don't yet know if the technique can be used to create healthy human embryos. We probably have some time to figure out if we're ready and if we can handle it. I'm pretty willing to handle it. Are you?

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What do you think of this kind of genetic research that may benefit humans? Playing with miracles or playing with fire?
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