Kid Score: Michelle Duggar: 19; Cafe Sheri: 2

TLC, Michelle Duggar

Photo from TLC

Haha. No one's really keeping score, right? Of course not.

However, I think it's interesting that while my six-year old is asking for another baby brother or sister and I'm so clear about being done having kids after just two, Michelle Duggar is expecting Baby #19.

How do you know when you're done or that, maybe, you want another or many more babies?


I think it's truly fascinating how women and families decide how big or small their families will be. Clearly, the Duggars leave it in the hands of their higher power. Other people base it on money or time. It can be a difficult or even scary decision for some women to choose if and when to have another child. For me, well, I just know my own limits. Two is my limit.

How have you or will you decide when to have another or when you're done having children?

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