Are IVF Twins as Special as "Real" Twins?

ivf twinsA friend of mine just told me that our thirty-something-ish former co-worker, L., is pregnant with twins adding, "and they're not IVF twins!" I'm sure this is the way the story was told to her because my friend did IVF herself and wouldn't have cared a whit how our old co-worker got pregnant. Hmm, I wonder: Does L. feel inclined to tell everyone she knows that she conceived her awesome twosome the old-fashioned rather than the new-fangled way? And if so, why?


I think twins are awesome. I've always wanted them and I've got at least some chance of having them. If genetics has anything to do with it I'm golden—I've got twins on both sides of my family (there are currently 15 sets). The chances of conceiving twins also goes up if you're older (which I am ... sigh). Still, I know if I had twins, most people would assume science played a bigger role in my pregnancy than Mother Nature. But I'm not sure it matters.

It's clear that with the advent of IVF, the rarity of twins just ain't what it used to be, but does that make these ART twins any less special?

Do you think IVF twins are somehow not as "special" as "real" twins? Do you take it for granted that older moms with twins had them via IVF? Does it matter?

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