Tried and True Cures for Diaper Rash

diaper rash

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My baby hasn't really suffered from diaper rash very often, but anytime I've ever noticed a little chafing, I pop open a vitamin E capsule and dab the goo on, and it's done the trick. I asked other moms at CafeMom to share their tired-and-true methods for treating diaper rash and here's what they had to say.


"The best cure for nappy rash is egg white—it forms a barrier between the napkin and the skin. Wash your baby's bottom after each diaper change and apply egg white." — slimming

"I use breast milk and yogurt. It clears up diaper rash and it's inexpensive." — lizzeh

"My son has only had a diaper rash once, and the thing that cured it was air!  I just let him chill without a diaper on for awhile, and he loved it." — KatieCrandall

"Hollywood brand olive oil worked for my kids' rashes." — SUGAR2266

"Don't forget that a stubborn diaper rash can be yeast or bacteria and you might need a prescription. That being said, California Baby cream works wonders too—I just discovered it with my third child and wish I knew about it much sooner!" — Elizabeth4980

"When my baby got a rash I used an old grandma's remedy. All you have to do is brown some all-purpose flour in a skillet on the stove (get it golden brown) and apply to baby's bottom at every diaper change. I promise you that this works, it cleared my baby's rash in a day." — woo1969

What do you use to treat your baby's diaper rash?

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