I'm Scared to Have Another Baby

love one kid more than the other

Photo by JSVDP

I've always wanted to have a lot of kids. Right now I have just one and I love her so much I can't imagine having another one. What if I don't love my next baby as much?


I experienced something similar when my sister was pregnant with her second child. I loved my first niece so much it was weird to think about there being another little baby in my life. But I adored my second niece, and then my third, just as much.

My sister said it was weird for her at first, too. When they delivered her second daughter, the doctor handed my sister the baby and said, "Here's your baby girl." My sister was thinking, "No, my baby girl is at home." But she looked at her second little girl and immediately fell in love.

I'm hoping that's what will happen to me too if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant, but I still worry about it and wonder if having another baby is the right thing to do if I feel this way.

Do you have more than one child? Did you worry about how you'd feel about your second baby? How did you feel?

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