20 Essential (& Short!) Newborn Reads

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The folks over at ohdeedoh recently compiled a roundup of several of their favorite newborn posts from the Newborn Essential List and the 5 Mistakes Parents Make with Newborns and How to Avoid Them to Bathing Your Baby and Light Sleepers. In other words, lots of good reading...

Click over for the links and some favorite newborn posts from CafeMom too!


10 Great Newborn Posts from CafeMom:

  1. Going Home Outfit: What Did Your Baby Wear?
  2. How to Sew a Swaddling Blanket
  3. New Baby at Home and Nervous?
  4. Umbilical Cord Care: Baby Basics
  5. Do You Know What Your Newborn Was Tested For?
  6. Inconsolable Crying? How Mom Can De-Stress
  7. Which Way Do You Sling?
  8. Secrets of a New Mom
  9. Mom to Mom: You're Doing Great!
  10. 10 Tips on How to Know When Your Baby Is Sick

10 Great Newborn Posts from ohdeedoh:

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