Trick-or-Treating: How Young is Too Young?

photo by LelandsMommy

That's what lovemymarine306 polled members of the CafeMom Newcomers Club. Her daughter is 12 months and she wants to take her trick-or-treating. She got a ton of responses. Guess what everyone said?


Forty-four percent said "never too young" and 31 percent said that "under one" was too young. Here are some of the comments.

"I have always taken my kids from babies to toddlers. I'm taking my ten-month-old with the big kids this year. Who cares? It''s fun to show off your little one," mammak said.

"No one is too young," wrote sherry132. "If they can get excited about things they can go trick-or-treating. I would actually say anything under six months would be too young."

"Whenever I see a child under two trick-or-treating I think what kind of parents are letting [him] eat that much candy?" says christina0607. "Yeah, I get it. You buy a kid a costume and you want to show it off...well, you know what? Most people don't care."

"Dressing them up at any age is adorable, but it is tacky to go knock on someone's door for candy when the child isn't even old enough to eat the candy!" says trist22. "Might as well just open your purse and let them drop the candy in there."

"Once a child can say thank you and can receive candy then that's when it may be time to start," says MrsSpecialistB.

"I put never too young but if you just got out of the hospital the day before Halloween you really don't need to," says MAyers.

So how about you—are you taking your baby trick-or-treating?

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