Making Bathtime a Safe Time

When your baby's baths move from the sink or baby tub to the big tub, there's no doubt your baby's got growing down to a science.

Mom Alison Neumer Lara, Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor, shares a few of her bathtime worries and saviors, now that her daughter has made the switch.


Rubber Ducky...Maybe You're Not the One

By Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor, Alison Neumer Lara

Lately, my one-year-old daughter Roxie's bathtub looks like a cyclone hit it. Bathing used to be a quick rinse, but now she's delighted to splash water around everywhere. She also wants to try out every tub toy we've got, which I'm all for since distracting her with playthings gives me time to suds her up, except that extended bath time introduces a whole host of eco-mama worries.

Take the toys. Plastic, hot water, and a little, growing person? That's a bad combo since many plastics still contain harmful chemicals like phthalates, which studies show alters hormonal development. (Congress banned it last year, but some stuff on shelves, like those yellow rubber duckies, may still contain it.)

Then there are baby shampoos and soaps. Hard to believe that some products contain formaldehyde and other cancer-causing chemicals (Congress is working on regulating this one now), but it's true - not to mention other dodgy stuff like parabens, another hormone disruptor.

Thankfully, there's great, safe stuff out there (Boon's ring toss is Roxie's current fave, and I'm smitten with Method's gentle baby wash) - so the only problem left is cleaning up after my little 2-foot cyclone.

What's your biggest bathtime worry? Phthalates? Water temp? Dry skin?

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