Mesh & Fresh Food Feeder: Must-Have for Babies Eating Solid Foods

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Photo from Munchkin

This Fresh Food Feeder is one item that made my babies' introduction to solid foods a thousand times easier.


I loved our Fresh Food Feeders when my babies were moving into chunkier foods and even before that — because I wanted part of my life back. :)

I made most of my baby foods for my boys when they were babies and by "made," I mean, I mushed most of their foods up on my own rather than buying jarred stuff. I did a little boiling and pureeing too. I just liked making baby food, and a lot of the jarred baby foods are too easy not to "make" on your own. Bananas, for instance.

However, until the babes get the chewing thing down, this little Fresh Food Feeder (there are many fine brands), helped free my choking worries as well as some time and allowed me to introduce more high-prep foods that were not perfectly pureed or did not come pureed. Avocados, for instance, don't come in a jar, but my boys LOVED them. I cut off a hunk and stuck it inside the feeder. Baby can chew and suck and taste the foods as it's squeezed out the mesh. Other fresh foods I stuffed in this feeder included: grapes, steamed carrots, apples, pears, blueberries, peaches, zucchini, squash, peas, nectarines, and more! I even made watered down juice into ice cubes, put one inside, and wa-la! baby popsicles.

And boy it's nice as a mom to be able to turn your back for five seconds without worrying about baby choking, isn't it? This mesh feeder allowed me to turn my back, walk in another room, or (look out!) go to the bathroom while baby was strapped in a high chair and eating lunch. Plus, you'll reclaim time you might spend peeling, quartering, and chopping fruits and veggies into tiny pieces. All moms will agree that these are blessed things.

Plus, I still get use out of these feeders. I use them now for mouth owies. Slide in a regular ice cube for a hurt lip or teething tot (frozen grapes, blueberries, and melon work nicely on gum pain too)!

Most Fresh Food Feeders are dishwasher safe, and you can get a 2-pack for less than $10.

Do you use one of these mesh baby feeders? What do you think?

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