Has Your Baby Had a Haircut Yet?

baby haircut

Photo by CBmom3

When my baby was born, she had a thick dark head or hair, but it soon fell out and it's been slowly growing it in ever since. Right now she's sporting a kind of mullet (short in the front and sides and long in the back) so I don't foresee her needing a haircut for a very long time. But her BFF, who is 11 months old, just got her first haircut, bangs and curls chopped away. It made me kind of sad.


Lots of moms wait until the first birthday to cut their baby's hair. Joshmom25 says that's because some people think it's bad luck.

Others do it a lot sooner. MomtoaRockstar cut her son's hair when he was 5 months old. "His hair was way too long and everyone kept telling me how adorable my daughter was! He'll be 7 months next week and we just gave him his second haircut."

TweenandTwinMom cut her son's hair at 10 months. She says, "I think anytime you feel your baby needs it will be fine, but just know he or she may look older and less like a baby after it's cut."

Have you cut your baby's hair yet? How will you decide when it's time? Does your baby's gender have anything to do with it?

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