Pacifiers: What's Your Position?


pacifiers good or bad for babySome moms are vehemently opposed to pacifiers; others say what's the big deal if it makes the baby happy. It turns out even the experts have differing opinions.

The Mommy Files talked to five different medical experts and here's what they had to say:

1. Dr. Micheael Cabana, chief of pediatrics at UCSF Children's Hospital On the plus side, pacifiers can help prevent SIDS; on the downside, they can create "nipple confusion" and make breastfeeding less successful.

2. Dr. Janet Stafford, pediatrician Every baby is unique. Some babies are extremely oral and they're satisfied when there's something in their mouth, a finger, a thumb, a nipple, a pacifier. If a pacifier satisfies that need, it's okay to use one.

3. Staci Sampo, lactation consultant If parents can avoid it, they should.

For more expert opinions (and the reasons behind them) check out The Great Pacifier Debate.

Does your baby use a pacifier? Do you breastfeed?



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ladys... ladysavage

I'm not a fan.

I honestly (and I do not say this to offend, I promise) think that they could make even the most beautiful baby look completely odd (there I put it nicely, lol.)

Anything that can intefere with breastfeeding is a no no in my book.

And to be honest - I'm pretty darn sick of seeing mothers just using them to "shut up" their babies - or toddler and even children still using them.

littl... littleredpony

I'm not a fan of them but at the same time if it is what makes things a little easier why not.  My first never took one, didn't seem to want one though I tried and my other son was born with a love affair with his thumb and hated the pacifer.  I am due most anytime now and while I hope to avoid thumbs or pacifiers if it means the difference between her sleeping (thus mommy as well) and being happy or her crying all the time I'll give her one. I'd just like to avoid it if possible. I just get so upset seeing 5 yo kids walking around with those thing hanging out of their mouths.

nily nily

I use one when I was little and so does my DH and we are both fine and we had no medical problems from using it. With my DD I try to use one when she cry to calm her but she dint like it so I dint force her and took it away from her. When my DS he does use it but he is not a big fan of it either. He learn very early (since 3 months old)to pick it up and put it in he's mouth so he decide if he want to use it or not. I think that when he gets a few months older (no more than 18 months old) I get him off the pacifier and I'm so sure it wont be a big deal for him since he dont pay a lot of attention to it. I really hate to see 3 year old kids or big kids with one. I think they are for babies not for toddlers they look ugly to me chewing the pacifiers. Is like their moms dont want them to grow or cant acept that fact. I really dont think they are bad in my personal opinion I grew fine with it. But I have seen some babies REALLY adictet to them LOL.

boizmom boizmom

I used to not like pacifiers.  Everyone filled my head with the idea that they can cause oral problems, in particular with their teeth.  So my boys instead found a finger or thumb to suck on. 

My now 4 1/2yo sucked his ring finger and middle finger.  He just stopped sucking them on his own last year.  But because of his finger sucking he caused issues with his bite.  He has both an overbite and a cross bite.  He will be visiting the Orthodontist when he starts getting his first adult teeth. 


boizmom boizmom

My 2 1/2yo sucks his thumb.  Because of the way he sucks it the roof of his mouth is misshapen and several teeth never grew in correctly causing a major gap in his bite.  Because of this, when he's 4yo they are going to have to start correcting his mouth.  He will get spacers placed so that when he does lose his baby teeth there will be room for his adult teeth.  That is just the beginning of his long road with orthodontia work.  As it is right now, if we wait till he gets his adult teeth he'll have major oral issues.  He already has a speech issue as well. 

So in my opinion it doesn't really matter what they suck on.  With fingers and thumbs you can try nasty tasting topical things, gloves and such to try to get them to stop sucking, but they just don't work.  You can't chop them off or take them away and the child has access to their favorite thing to suck on 24/7.  With pacifiers you can just take them away.  Yeah you will have about a week of crying and temper tantrums because of it, but I'd rather deal with those instead of major oral correction from sucking on fingers and thumbs.

mommy... mommycrue

They are easier to take away then a thumb!  Both my boys had them but only until 6-8 months, both were breastfed and no confusion.  i will keep you posted on my baby girl once she is born.  i do not use it all the time like some, just when they need a little extra comfort.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Not a huge fan and flat out refused to use one with DS. Things turned out all o.k. however since he did not suck his thumb or fingers in replace. I think that often times pacifiers are over used...

Pollymom Pollymom

I never cared for pacifiers but I agree with mommycrue....they are easier to take away than thumbs. I learned the hard way with my son. As an infant he would never take a pacifier even though we offered it to him sometimes. Around a year old he started sucking on his hand. Now at 2 he is always doing it and I hate it.

With my daughter, we're using a pacifier. I would rather deal with taking that from her when she's older than having her suck her thumb for who knows how long....

Nesa_Z Nesa_Z

I can't stand them. Mostly because people don't want to take them away and let there kids run around with them when they are 2,3, or 5 years old. That to me is absolutely ridiculous. I did not give DS one until I had tried anything and everything else. He takes one now but you can bet money that thing will be gone by the time he's walking! And so true that you can't cut off their hands but you can take the paci away! 

toria... toriandgrace

My daughter took a pacifier from around 3 months on, and she was breastfed. She has great teeth too.`

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