Pacifiers: What's Your Position?

pacifiers good or bad for babySome moms are vehemently opposed to pacifiers; others say what's the big deal if it makes the baby happy. It turns out even the experts have differing opinions.


The Mommy Files talked to five different medical experts and here's what they had to say:

1. Dr. Micheael Cabana, chief of pediatrics at UCSF Children's Hospital On the plus side, pacifiers can help prevent SIDS; on the downside, they can create "nipple confusion" and make breastfeeding less successful.

2. Dr. Janet Stafford, pediatrician Every baby is unique. Some babies are extremely oral and they're satisfied when there's something in their mouth, a finger, a thumb, a nipple, a pacifier. If a pacifier satisfies that need, it's okay to use one.

3. Staci Sampo, lactation consultant If parents can avoid it, they should.

For more expert opinions (and the reasons behind them) check out The Great Pacifier Debate.

Does your baby use a pacifier? Do you breastfeed?

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