Community Breastfeeds Motherless Infant for Six Months

baby, widow father, handsBaby Moses's mother died hours after childbirth, and, since it was important to his father and his mom before she passed, the community stepped up to breastfeed him early on.

Now, it's been six months, and he's still getting cross-fed breastmilk from the group of women.


The beginning of this story, found via Eco Child's Story, is one no one wants to hear. Moses Goodrich's mother Susan died shortly after she gave birth to him from a rare amniotic fluid embolism, leaving him in the care of his grieving father Robbie Goodrich.

There was so much to figure out, his nourishment being one concern. "I wanted the baby to be nursed. That’s something that Susan would have wanted," said Robbie.

First, a family friend who was nursing her own child offered to breastfeed Moses. Soon after, 20 different nursing mothers offered to help cross-nurse him, and he has had 25 different women throughout his first six months. All the women breastfeed Moses, and some pump for night feedings.

Wow, what an extraordinary story.

I imagine there are a lot of thoughts and questions you may have about this unique situation. It seems to be a completely loving act of community. These women are not only sharing their milk with Moses but they are helping in some small way to fill in for the loving bond he lost when his mother died.

In a bigger way, this sounds a little like when Salma Hayek nursed a sick baby during a humanitarian trip to Africa.

What are your thoughts on Baby Moses's story? If you could, would you offer to a breastfeed a child who lost his mother too soon?

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