Making Mommy Friends is Hard to Do

photo by loopywillow

I always thought when I had a baby, I'd be surrounded by a community of mothers with children around the same age (my sisters and their kids, my cousins and their kids, my friends and their kids). But things didn't work out that way. This one had a kid 10 years ago, that one moved, another chose not to have kids, and so on. I ended up having a baby in the middle of nowhere, in the dead of winter, not knowing another Baby Mama in town.


Sure, I had friends—single men, single women, and couples without children who made it clear that they never wanted any. I was afraid that my daughter would never have a single friend and it would be all my fault. But as winter turned to spring all the new moms and babies came out of hibernation and suddenly ... everything got even harder. Making friends with moms is not easy.

I was wondering if anyone else on CafeMom felt this way and found that kharma had posted an article from the Washington Post in her journal called, Working the Mom Network: The struggles of making new mom friends. It's all about a mom trying to make friends and it is hilarious. Give it a read if you feel anything like me—or even if you don't.

For now, I've decided that:

1. I've got good friends even if they don't have kids. I think I'll keep 'em.

2. I don't have to be friends with a mom for my daughter to be friends with her kid. I won't stress and will let things happen naturally.

3. If I need mommy talk or mommy support, I can turn to all of you here on CafeMom. (Let's be friends!)

How about you? Do you find it hard or easy to make friends with other moms? Got any "how to make mommy friends" tips you'd like to share?

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