My Boobs, My Business

stranger's baby adviceI've come to realize that someone will always have something to say about the way I raise my baby. However, I thought that most of the parenting criticism would come from people I actually know. Not true. Mere strangers find they're entitled to give you their baby-rearing two cents on all kinds of things. (Of course, these are probably the same people that gave you all that unsolicited pregnancy advice.)


Take breastfeeding for example. If you breastfeed in public, strangers will tell you cover up or to go someplace private or let you in on the fact that your baby is "too old" to nurse, and so on.

And if you bottle-feed, like some of the mothers at Momversation, you'll get your dose of parenting wisdom from all kinds of people too. You'll hear that "breast is best," and "there's no excuse for formula," and even "don't you love your baby?" You're likely to get these comments even when you're bottle-feeding your baby breast milk.

Have strangers ever given you a hard time when you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding in public? How do you respond? Have you ever given a complete stranger a hard time about the way they choose to nourish their child?

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