Attachment Parenting: What's the Deal?

attachment parenting

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Take this short quiz: Mom A breastfeeds, babywears, and co-sleeps. Mom B bottle-feeds, uses a stroller, and a crib. Which mom do you think is practicing Attachment Parenting?

The answer: It could be both of them or neither of them. Or yes, just one of them (but not the one you might think).

According to catholicmamamia's lovely and informative journal post Explaining Attachment Parenting (she's a professional AP Instructor),"It is a common misconception that attachment parenting consists solely of breastfeeding, babywearing, and a crib.

Attachment Parenting is not parenting method, it is not new, and it was not created by some doctor or a team of professionals. AP is a term lent to the style of parenting that was originally and instinctively practiced before the so-called professionals stepped in and began convincing parents to not trust their instincts or follow their hearts.

Think of a mom who is disconnected from her child. She breastfeeds and baby reaps nutritional and immunological benefits, but she does not stroke baby's skin or talk sweetly. She may use a sling but only because it makes doing what she wants easier. She may co-sleep, but only because she can get more sleep and does not snuggle baby at all. She does not put her heart into mothering.

Now think of a different mom, one whose health limits her mothering practices. She cannot breastfeed, so she is resigned to bottle-feed. She cannot wear her baby, so she uses a stroller. She cannot co-sleep, so she keeps a crib in her room. Her mothering practices do not include nursing, slings, and family bed. Yet this mother loves and adores her baby and spends every moment possible playing, reading, snuggling with her child. she anticipates her child's needs, both physical and emotional, and meets them to the best of her ability. Her body has 'failed' her, but she will not fail her child. She is a loving and devoted mom.

The ultimate goal of Attachment Parenting is to parent instinctively and gently in a manner that helps form stronger parent-child connections, allowing parents to raise children who are strong, intelligent, and compassionate."

Do you practice Attachment Parenting?

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BusyB... BusyBeesmom

Yes, only I never knew it had a name!

MyMom... MyMommyLife

yes, I definitely do! My family tells me I am too attached all the time too but I just adore my baby.

Amand... AmandaIVF

Yep, my hubby and I are definitely AP parents! :)

Freela Freela

Yes, though I was practicing it before I ever heard the term.  I just did what worked for my kids and I. 

theng... thenguyenclan

yes though i never knew it had a name also...i could have swore that it was just called "parenting" along with nurturing and loving :-)

rainm... rainmommy

i got criticizt or being a ap mom when my dd was little..we live in the country next to farms, dirt rds, and creeks, my biggest fear was she would get lost in the woods and drown in a manure pit or a near by creek or she getting older im kind of relaxing she know her bounderies and i9 call out to her every few minutes and if she doesnt answer right away i go lookin wich that hasnt happened she listen very well for being so young but 99.9 percent of the time im sitting on the porch in my moms rocker while shes playing with the dogs

nily nily

My DD who's 8 had NEVER been too attach to me since she was born she had always shown a BIG sense of independence. She dont like to be hug or kiss too much. But with my little man is WAY too different he is my little Koala he is always next to me and love to be held and kiss. It's amazing how different they are.

KatieP. KatieP.

I guess so. I actually refuse to read the books on how to raise kids since I think instincts are better.....

madam... madamekatekate

I do alot of things that I guess people are calling attachment parenting now...But I don't think it's all that big of a deal. I do what I think is best for my babies...I always have. And I just have never liked the idea of labeling what kind of mother I am. Besides I mix and match a lot of things as I see fit.

I guess if I needed a label I could be perfectly happy with "good mommy."

calli... calliesmommie

As long as my baby is happy and healthy and we have a good relationship, i don't care what you call it.

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