I Don't Want to Hold Your Baby! (Except I Really Do)

A writer on Babble has posted a hilarious rant about holding other people's babies, which can be summed up by this statement:

"Just because I have a uterus that was once occupied by a person, I don’t want to hold your baby...and I don't want to babysit."

I always, always want to hold other people's babies (probably to a fault), so this doesn't apply to me. But I'm wondering if other women can empathize with her...


The writer's point is simply this: Because she's mom, other moms always assume that she wants to hold their baby. And sometimes she really does. But sometimes—like when the baby is crying or when she herself is trying to eat or be social—she doesn't.

I'm always surprised when women immediately ask me if I want to hold their baby, assuming that I do. As I said, this is fine with me, but I can understand why other women are uncomfortable with this.

I really like how one of my friends handles this situation. If she brings her baby to a social gathering, she simply says to the group: "If anyone wants to hold Kyle let me know; if not, that's fine, too." That way her mom friends get to hold Kyle—but on their own terms.

What do you think about this? Do you get annoyed when people assume you want to hold their baby? Or do you love it like I do?

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