Did You Tweet or Update Your Facebook While in Labor?

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Photo by cafemama

Kimora Lee Simmons tweeted during labor. Eryka Badu and her baby's dad Jay Electronica tweeted pre- and post-delivery too. Blogger Heather Armstrong and her husband both gave tweet updates during the birth of their second child.

Okay, but these people are famous. What's the excuse for the rest of us who tweet our way through childbirth?


Twitter wasn't "in fashion" when I had my boys. I wasn't even blogging yet when I had my first. However, I am guilty of leaving a blog teaser when my water broke with my second. I couldn't help myself. What fun would it be to wait until after the baby's arrival? At that time, I was blogging for ClubMom (remember ClubMom?) and had a small following of readers. I couldn't let them down, right?

So based on this knowledge and my new Twitter addiction, I know I'd do it again — with a little Twitter and a side of Facebook.

To me, it's just fun. I was excited to share that exciting day with my online friends. They had been with me through most my pregnancy. And believe me, they listened to me whine far more than some of my real-life friends. :) Plus, it was nice to know they were rooting for me. We need all the help we can get in that arena. And it's not like I had a contraction and then updated. I wasn't that into it. But see, now I have this iPhone thing...that would have been tempting.

Well, if you're at all interested in writing, think of it as adding a good dose of suspense and excitement to the storyline of your life. Hee hee.

I'm curious, when you went into labor, did you tweet or update your Facebook status? Did you leave teasers on your blog or jump on CafeMom real quickly to tell your friends?

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