Mom Gets Kicked Out of Burger King Because Her Baby Isn't Wearing Shoes

baby's bare feet gets mom kicked out of burger king

Photo by Precious333

"No shirts, no shoes, no service!" We've all seen those signs in restaurants, but I never really thought about it applying to a baby. I've brought my baby into many an eating establishment with buck naked feet, and no one ever said a word. But a woman in St. Louis, Missouri, was ordered out of a Burger King because her six-month-old daughter wasn't wearing shoes.

Jennifer Frederich was in the process of ordering at the counter when a manager told her she could order to go, but she'd have to leave because her baby daughter didn't have shoes on and "it's against health code."

Jennifer was with a group of people on their way to a concert so she put socks on the baby's feet thinking that would satisfy the manager. "She doesn't own shoes," Jennifer told him. "She's only six months old, she doesn't walk. She's not touching the ground. So there's no reason for her to have shoes on."

The manager threatened to call the police, so the group ate quickly and left.

What do you think? Are babies' bare feet a threat to our health in restaurants? Or was the Burger King manager a little too zealous in enforcing the fast food chain's "no shoes, no service" policy?

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Lokis... LokisMama

The only response I can think of is WTF?  Maybe the manager got nailed for violations recently and is being overly anal about it, but there's no point in putting shoes on a 6 month old.  They don't walk and it's not like she's letting her baby crawl all over the floor of the dining room of Burger King.  The manager majorly overreacted I think.

Blueb... Blueberryplz

That's is seriously ridiculous. I rarely put shoes on my 1 yr. old.

blues... bluescape

a six month old baby without shoes creates a HEALTH HAZARD?!?!?!?! WTF is wrong with people???  oh yeah, it would be MUCH more sanitary to dine next to a loud, obnoxious creep with his pants down around his ass, underwear hanging out, and long, greasy hair...  given the choice, i'd rather eat in a restaurant FILLED with little barefoot babies!!

angel... angelmom224

OMG. I heard about it during a commercial for the 11 oclock news but they didnt give the reason why. Now I know. Shoot I would have told him to call the cops. Im not going to let some stupid manager kick me out of a place when I know I have the right to be there. And I would have gotten the number to BK's corporate office and reported him. I have carried my older kids in to places like that and never had a problem. That guy seriously went off the deep end over something so tiny. I would of laughed in his face like it was a joke. I think he needs to read the health code manual a little more carefully.

SxdUp... SxdUpAngel

Obviously, the manager's a dip.  However, the owner of the franchise is supposedly going to be training his employees on the code, has (or says he will) extended an apology to the woman and invites her and the barefoot baby back to the store. 

I do have to wonder if the manager was just having a bad day, didn't like the group, doesn't like babies, or WHAT because it's hard for me to imagine him really believing that a baby without shoes is a health hazard.

KatieP. KatieP.

hahahahaha just some asshole on a power trip, LOL

Blued... Bluedragn8

I could maybe see if something like this happened if the baby was running around the kitchen or something, but REALLY??  I have worked at many restaurants in the past where there was MUCH WORSE going on than a naked-footed baby in the eating area!  I can't imagine that a Burger King would honestly be cleaner than some of those. 

Now for my other question - I wonder what would have happened if it was a new mother who was trying to breastfeed?!? 


auror... aurorabunny

Wow, that is ABSURD.  I'd be willing to bet anything that the baby's feet were probably the cleanest thing in the entire Burger King.

Spiri... SpiritedTigress

That is pathetic. I would have called the (non-emergency) police myself and asked about it.

I have never heard of a baby wearing shoes before they begin to walk, its horrible for their developing feet. And every Burger King I have ever been to is disgusting anyways, so what the hell.

momav... momavanessa

He should be fired! That is ridiculous!! My son didn't wear shoes at that age either!

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